Android is an open source Mobile operating system based on Linux Kernal and Developed by Google. It includes an OS, middleware and some key applications. The biggest advantage is that the success of Android depends on the availability of unique and engaging user applications created by developers. Praxware’s Android Apps Development Course is meant for those, who want to start their career in software development as an Android Developer. Android Apps development is one of the highest paying jobs in IT Sector. An android developer can build apps for android phones, android tablets and android TVs.

Our comprehensive Android Training and hands-on program teaches how to design and develop mobile applications using Android open-source platform. This training course explains the philosophy of developing for Android through its main application development building blocks and their interaction with one another. By the end of the classroom based Android Training Course, each participant will build their own complete Android application incorporating most of the key aspects of the Android platform. You will also have the necessary Android specific knowledge and skills according to industry standards to become a specialist Android application developer.

Course Module

  • C / C++
  • Core Java
  • Android