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PHP is an open source server side scripting language which is widely used in web development and very promising to web developers. If you want to become a PHP programmer with expertise then Praxware is here to help you.

Praxware Provides Training on PHP from beginning to advance including Core PHP with MySQL, MVC Structure, Frameworks like Codeigniter, Laravel and CMS like WordPress, Magento according to the current requirement of IT industry. At Praxware we provide how to develop a web application using any of Framework or CMS with the appropriate Methodologies running in the IT Industry.

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Why choose PHP as a training

  • Open Source and Easy to Learn
  • Platform Independent
  • Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Myspace uses PHP.
  • Many career options as a web developer in all domains of business.
  • Widely used in web development

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No Limit On Learning

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